The Higas Visit Sendai

August 3, 2012

Last week we were pleased to meet DeShannon and Rocky Higa.  They are a couple who live in Honolulu, Hawaii.  They are friends with several of the Hawaii team members who helped last April.  When we visited the churches in Honolulu in June, DeShannon and Rocky expressed their desire and God’s call to help us in Japan.  We were of course ecstatic of their desire to help.  They helped us with our Wednesday night kids English class.  They blessed the children through their music.  DeShannon played the piano while Rocky sang.  They are wonderful musicians and we all enjoyed their music.  They also taught the kids a great praise song!  Afterward they handed out gift bags for the children.  They told us that many friends, family, and church members helped put everything together.  Their niece wrote a sweet letter to all the kids.

We are so taken away when people contact us offering to help.  They were a huge blessing to the children and we loved hearing their testimonies.  They were such a joy to be around and little did we know, DeShannon, is quite the accomplished Jazz musician.  They are truly humble and God filled.

DeShannon and Rocky, thank you so much for your willingness to serve.  We look forward to serving with you both again very soon.  We also pray that more people will hear God’s call to serve with us as the months and years progress.  God Bless and the children send their thanks!









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