Praying for friends in South Texas and West Japan

September 1, 2017

It has been such an eventful week.  We pray for those affected by the hurricane in South Texas.  It is heartbreaking to see so many people suffering.  We are also concerned about the current situation with North Korea.  Even though at times it is hard to be hopeful, we trust in Him who gives us hope.  We are praying He sends people to help!

We want to ask you to pray for our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Fukushima.  Michael met them at the gym and we have truly enjoyed getting to know them.  They came to every single church event that we invited them to join and they also invited us to hang out with them which is rare for new friends in Japan.  We are sad they are moving to West Japan.  They came to our house right before they left Sendai.  It was hard to see them off, but we promised to keep in touch and they invited us to their new home.  Please pray the seeds planted will grow in His time.  Thank you for praying with us!

Praying for friends moving to West Japan

Praying for Mr. and Mrs. Fukushima

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