Autumn Approaches Sendai

September 21, 2019

The weather here in Sendai is beginning to cool down marking the approach of autumn here in Japan.  This means that our fun summer has come to an end.  So much to share. Where to begin?

Summer Events

First, children’s ministry is one of our main ministries and we all had a great summer!  Just days after we came back from Hawaii, we hosted a children’s camp.  Children from two churches got together to have fun studying the word!  It is always a blessing to partner with our sister church to host this event and we love serving with their church members.  Our boys had a great time making new friends. Many of them came from non-Christian homes.  The pastor of our sister church led the Bible lessons and we all had meaningful conversations in small groups.  We pray the seeds planted will grow to fruition.

Second, as you may already know, we host a monthly children’s fellowship at our church.  We have worship, Bible study, dinner, and craft time.  It’s one of our boys’ favorite times of the month.  In August we changed things up a bit and had a pool party. Everyone (including adults) had so much fun cooling off in the water!  After play time, the children had a time of fellowship and bible verse memorization drills. We love seeing their smiles when they are able to recite a new verse!  Please pray they will be bold to share the truth of God with their friends.

Peace and Much Needed Healing

Next, in the beginning of August, children from 4 churches in Sendai and Fukushima got together to have a day camp.  We take turns hosting this camp and this year it was held at a sister church.  The theme “Blessed are the peacemakers” taught what it means to be a peacemaker.  Each small group looked at newspaper clippings to find photos and articles that represented “peace”.

At the day camp there were a few children from Fukushima in my small group.  They have gone through unimaginable hardships since March of 2011.  The photos they chose really touched me.  Please continue to pray for those whose daily life is still affected.

What’s next?

Finally, in closing, we thank you for praying for us and Japanese people!  Michael is busy working at Hope House (there will be a new post about Hope House soon), Yu loves her job as a teacher, and the boys are doing well at school.  Please remember to pray for us as we attend the retreat this coming Monday.  About 70 people from 13 Baptist churches in northern Japan will gather for this event.  The main speaker is a pastor from Fukushima.  Our church is hosting this retreat and is working so hard to prepare.  We are leading the children’s program.  We truly appreciate your prayers!  Please let us know how we can pray for you! Praise Him! May He continue to give the increase during this autumn season!


Children’s Summer Camp








Game Time!
















Bible Story Time








Happy campers!








They were so happy to make new friends.











Day camp for children from Sendai and Fukushima.









They learned what it means to be a peacemaker.









Looking for articles and photos that represent peace.











Learning how to make Japanese desserts.








We are getting good at making “ohagi”!








“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”









Pool party and fellowship at our church.








Thankful for good friends!








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