Tohoku Baptist Retreat

September 29, 2019

Tohoku Baptist Retreat

Last week we attended the Tohoku (northern Japan) Baptist Retreat this week.  About 90 members from 12 Baptist churches in northern Japan gathered in Matsushima (well known sightseeing place) to have a retreat.  This year, our church hosted this event and all the church members worked as a team to prepare.

Worship Service and Children’s Program

During the opening worship service, children from our church sang two praise songs and they did an amazing job!  After the service, we led the children’s program.  We took children to the facility that used to be an elementary school.  This school was severely damaged by the tsunami in 2011.  The city built a new school on a higher ground, but they decided to keep this old building to use it as a memorial place to remember the March 11 disaster.  They also wanted to use this facility to teach people what to do during a major earthquake.

Children had so much fun playing at the play area.  It was a very unique experience.  Each station was used to teach a lesson.  For example, the play house represented a damaged town, the rock climbing wall represented a sea wall, the cargo net represented a big tsunami, and the slide represented a mountain.  They all teach children the importance of running to higher ground as soon as possible.

Museum and First Aid Training

After playing, we all went to the memorial room to see photos and videos of the March 11 disaster.  It was not easy to see them but they stimulated important conversations with the children.  We talked about what we should do and several children said “pray to God first”.  While that was a good reminder for everyone, it is also a good idea to run to safety as you are praying!

There was another room where children could learn emergency life skills.  Many children did not know how to use a public phone. They were amazed!  They also learned how to use a vending machine when the power is out!

At the end, we went to the theater room to watch a short movie about the history of this area and how people are working hard to rebuild the city.  Some children had tears in their eyes. Before we left, we gathered in front of the entrance to pray for those who are still going through struggles as well as for those who are working hard to rebuild the city.

Encouragement for Adults

While we were away for the children’s program, the adults had several sessions and small group discussions.  They all seemed to have a good time learning together. Tohoku area is so big and it is not easy to get together.  Many church members look forward to this annual retreat.  The speaker’s messages were encouraging and the fellowship was uplifting. During the small group discussions, some people shared the challenges that they are facing in their lives as well as major needs at their church.  Please pray for Japanese believers and churches to stay strong and bold to share the good news of Christ!

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JBC Disaster Relief Video

March 20, 2015

Last week was the fourth year since the 3-11 earthquake. Last July, we made a video for the Japan Baptist Convention. It is an overview of the relief work in Japan. Below is the English Version. Here is a link to the English and Japanese versions.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support for those in need.

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BGCT Comes to Sendai

August 22, 2014

This Friday we will be hosting a team from the BGCT (Baptist General Convention of Texas).  BGCT has already sent two teams in the past two years and this is their third team.  The leader has been on every trip and is a former missionary to Japan.  They will help with our kids and youth program Friday night.  Then on Saturday, we will load up and go to the tsunami hit area for a time of games, crafts, and fellowship with some people in the temporary houses.  And then on Sunday, they will come to our church in the morning and help with our adult ministry in the evening.  Please pray for a good turn out and for friendships to form.  This team consists of former team members and former missionaries, so we are excited to see how the Lord will use this team.  Monday the team will go to Ishnomaki again and stay there for the remainder of the trip helping with another church. Please pray that their time in Ishinomamki is a blessing to them and to everyone they encounter.  We look forward to seeing them very soon!  We appreciate your prayers.

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Olivet Team

July 29, 2014

July brought a lot of great moments to our ministry.  This time we want to share about the Hawaii team that came to help with our ministry in Ishinomaki and the Oshika Peninsula.  We were so pleased to have Roger Honda, who came two years ago, come back with this team. We also had Pastor Morita from Olivet Baptist Church and Pastor Watanabe, his wife, and son from their Japanese Ministry come as well.  Every one of the members brought their smiles.  The ladies did an excellent job of singing and hula dancing.  As always, we were amazed to see just how prepared they were with every detail.  We visited a preschool where many of the children lost homes and loved ones.  It was so joyous to see the kids laughing and smiling as the team loved on them and shared Christ’s love.  Thank you again to each one of the members and to Olivet Baptist Church for sending such a great group of Christ centered believers.

Singing a song called "God bless you"

Singing a song called “God bless you”










Beautiful hula dance

Beautiful hula dance









Craft Time

Craft Time









Group Photo

Group Photo









Wonderful fellowship at our church

Wonderful fellowship at our church


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Hosting a mission team from Hawaii!

May 1, 2014

We are hosting a mission team from Hawaii this week and next week.  They are from Waialae Baptist Church and FBC Pearl City.  Eight people are coming and seven of them were here two years ago.  We are excited to have them back again!  They will be serving at local churches and in the disaster area.  The following is the prayer calendar that the team has made for this trip.  We appreciate your prayers as they minister to so many people!  We also want to ask you to pray for extra strength for us and our boys!

May 1: Pray for safe travel to Sendai, second ministry area.

May 2: Pray for missionaries Michael and Yu Towery at Taitomi Church. Pray for the mothers and children as the team interacts with them. Most of them do not come from Christian backgrounds.

May 3 Pray for the Hawaiian Festival community outreach to families around Taitomi Church. Pray for good weather, a great turnout and the opportunity for the team to share the Gospel.

May 4 Pray for the Sunday Worship time at Taitomi Church. Pray for the work that missionaries Tony and Marsha Woods are involved with in Ishinomaki and for the English Bible Study and worship at Sendai Baptist Church. Pray for Lynne as she shares her testimony.

May 5 Pray for those involved with the Nozomi Project. Pray for people still living in temporary housing in Oshika. Pray for Miyuki and her daughter.

May 6: Pray for the people in the temporary housing in Ishinomaki. Pray for the team’s sensitivity to the people as they listen to the residents’ stories and as they minister through music, games, and crafts.

May 7: Pray for the Tokyo Baptist Church ministry in rest home in Ishinomaki with Tony and Marsha Woods. Pray for safe travel back to Sendai.

May 8 Pray for missionaries Tony and Marsha Woods and Michael and Yu Towery and their ongoing work in Japan.

May 9 Pray for the team’s safe return home and the ongoing work in Japan.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!  Looking forward to sharing the photos and stories!

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Disaster Relief Update

April 19, 2013

Our hearts are heavy as we heard such sad news about Boston and West, Texas.  Many of our Japanese friends have called/written us to let us know they are praying for the people who were affected by those events.  We will continue to pray!

Here is a quick update on our disaster relief work.

It has been two years since northern Japan was damaged by the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation leak.  We made several trips to the disaster area last month to spend time with people in the temporary housing.

We had a great time cooking with these ladies!

We had a great time cooking with these ladies!

We sang many songs together and it was great to see their smile!

We sang many songs together and it was great to see their smile!

We serve with these believers from different churches once a month.  It has been great to partner with them!

We serve with these believers from different churches once a month. It has been great to partner with them!

Delivering flowers.

Delivering flowers.

We worked with a group of young people from Kanagawa prefecture.  It is always a joy to meet young people who want to serve others.

We worked with a group of young people from Kanagawa prefecture. It is always a joy to meet young people who want to serve others.

We are going back to the disaster area tomorrow.  Please pray for our time with our friends in the temporary housing.   Thank you so much for remembering people in the disaster area!  We appreciate your prayers!



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Disaster Relief Update

February 6, 2013

As the new year begins we continue visiting the disaster areas.  God has blessed us with some wonderful friends who live in the temporary housing.  They are like our family.  We enjoy spending time with them!  There is one temporary housing in Ishinomaki where we have been visiting for a while.  It’s the place where we have taken many volunteer teams with us.  We were able to build close relationships with many of the residents and they always welcome us warmly.  Recently, our pastor asked us if the church could start helping them regularly.  After visiting them with the pastor and his wife and having a meeting with the leaders of this housing unit, we both agreed it would be great if the church members could start visiting them.  The leaders of this temporary housing have been so good to us and we just love them so much!

We took several members in January and we all had a wonderful time.  We all met in the gathering room and enjoyed our time together.  The residents were very open and shared their stories (which is a blessing because it usually takes so long to earn their trust).  We all had fun talking, having tea, and singing!  Two old ladies showed us the Japanese traditional dance.  One of them was a lady with Parkinson’s and she usually sits in the corner and listens as others talk.  We were all surprised to see her stand up and dance!  And she was smiling and having a great time!  That made all of us smile!

Singing time!

Singing time!

Luke helped us to put the oranges in the bags.

Luke helped us to put the oranges in the bags.

Michael shoveled the snow with other men.

Michael shoveled the snow (and ice) with other men.

We also visited one of the preschools to deliver some gifts for the students and teachers.

Aren't they precious?

Aren’t they precious?

Of course, Luke had so much fun!

Of course, Luke had so much fun!

This is another temporary housing that all the Baptist churches in our city have been helping every month.  It has been great serving with other believers.

Delivering fresh vegetables.

Delivering fresh vegetables.

Pretty flower pot that was given to each family with a hand written card.

Pretty flower pots that were given to each family with a hand written card.

Making candy leis together.

Making candy leis together.

Group photo after the fellowship.

Group photo after the fellowship.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for those in the disaster areas.  It has been such a cold winter and many of them have told us they are so cold in their temporary housing units.  Please pray they will stay healthy during this winter.  Also, please pray their needs are met.  The fact that you still remember them means a lot to us.

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December 7, 2012

As of 9:00 PM our time (6:00 AM in Texas), we haven’t heard of any major damage from the earthquake.  We have talked to our friends on the coastline and they are all okay.   They evacuated but went home when the tsunami warning was cancelled.

We will continue to monitor the situation.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

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Urgent Prayer Request

December 7, 2012

We just had a 7.3 earthquake.  We are all okay.  Please pray for everyone’s safety.  We are keeping an eye on news resources and are prepared to evacuate if needed.  Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for us.

Thank you for keeping the people of Japan in your prayers.


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Day 6- Visiting Oshika Peninsula

November 26, 2012

Ever since we visited Oshika Peninsula for the first time in May of 2011, it has become a special place.  It’s the area where so many people lost their lives, family members, houses, and everything they owned (You can watch the youtube video at  As we met people who were living in the temporary shelter at that time and built relationships over the past year and half, God placed these people in our heart and we have been visiting them regularly.

So we were so glad that we could take the FBCA team to this special place to meet the people we love.

At first, we visited our dear friend, Miyuki.  Her husband owns a fishing company and they lost most of their ships.  But they have continued their fishing business and trying to rebuild their home. She has been open to listen to the Gospel and she has put the poster with the scriptures that we had given her on their entrance wall.  She cried as we prayed with her and we pray God will continue to work in her heart.

With Miyuki.

Then we went to Oshika Preschool.  It was our first time to visit them in the new building.  Their school was destroyed by the tsunami so they were meeting in the community center for a year and half.  When we visited them, they were having a special festival.

It was great to see these happy kids!

We made the puppets with them!

After visiting the preschool, we went to our friend, Emi’s house.  She recently built a new house.  You may remember reading about her before, but she is the one who lost her husband and her father-in-law in the tsunami.  And this year, she has lost three of her family members including her father.  Needless to say, she has been going through a difficult time.  But she always welcomes us with a big smile and keeps thanking us for coming.  This time, she invited all of us to her new beautiful house and served delicious fruit and sweets.  It was great to hear about her plans to make her house a bed and breakfast place where people can come and stay.  We look forward to staying with her someday.  We prayed with her before we left and we could tell she was crying.  We know she is still hurting.  Please keep her and her little daughter in your prayers.

With Emi.

We stopped at Mrs. Hiratsuka’s (from the temporary housing we had visited the day before) brother’s temporary housing to deliver fruit and vegetables.  This time, we visited each door (20 units) and handed them in person.  People were so appreciative.  The FBCA team members mastered how to say “hello”, “here they are”, “thank you”, and “see you” in Japanese!

With Mrs. Hiratsuka’s brother.

On our way home, we went to Matsushima that is one of the most famous places in Japan.  The team got to see one of the national treasures.

Can’t you tell they were super excited?

It was a very memorable day.  We pray and hope we will be able to take more friends to Oshika Peninsula in the future!

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Day 5- Visiting Friends in the Temporary Housing

November 26, 2012

Day five was a FULL day! We all woke up early to go to downtown Sendai.  The team distributed flyers for the ministry held at Sendai Baptist Church.  This was one of the most challenging tasks!  Even though most Japanese people are kind, they do not take a flyer from a stranger!  But the team worked hard and the pastor of this church was thankful for their help!


Handing out the flyers.

We drove to Ishinomaki city on the coastline.  This city was damaged by the tsunami on March 11th and many people lost everything they had.  We have been visiting several temporary housings and building relationships with the residents, and we are so glad that the team had a chance to meet them!

Buying fresh vegetables and fruits for 70 families!

Signing individual cards to let the residents know that we will continue to think of them and pray for them.

Mr. and Mrs. Hiratsuka serve as the leaders of this temporary housing. They are so sweet and we always enjoy spending time with them!

The team did a great job preparing for this visit.  They sang Amazing Grace, did a Thanksgiving craft, played BINGO, and more than anything, they shared their love with them.  They also brought LOTS of gifts for the residents.  Our dear friends from Arlington had donated many items as well and it was great to see the residents’ smile!

Everyone loved BINGO!

Singing “Amazing Grace”.

Playing card games with men while ladies enjoyed getting a manicure!

We ended our day by having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Hiratsuka and their daughter.


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Day 4- Fellowship in Sakata and English Classes at Taitomi Church

November 19, 2012

After a restful night at the hotel, we went back to Sakata Mission Church to spend more time with all the sweet people.  We sang Christian songs, shared our personal testimonies, and prayed together.  There was one lady who came to the church for the very first time in her life.  She said she felt loved there and we pray God will continue to draw her closer to Him.

Singing “As the Deer” together.

It was hard to say “good-bye” to them, but we had to come back to Sendai to teach English classes.  We are so thankful that God blessed our time in Sakata!  We look forward to going back and serving with the Fujii family again.

The team taught two English classes at Taitomi Baptist Church.  Both children and youth seemed to have a great time!

Listening to the story of Noah. One girl told us it’s her favorite Bible story now!

Don’t you love their cute puppets?

With the junior high students after the class.

Several moms cooked dinner for us!  You may already know that Baptists eat a lot but it’s true in Japan!!! If you are thinking about coming here to serve, you will have a chance to eat lots of good food!

They all looked happy after having a delicious meal!

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Disaster Relief Update

September 14, 2012

It has been a while since we posted about the disaster relief work but we are still going to the disaster areas on a regular basis.  Most of the time, we go as a family or with the team from overseas but once a month, we go with the Japanese believers from the local churches.  It has been a blessing to get to know them and to serve with them.  When we go together, we deliver vegetables to more than 150 families.  After delivering fresh vegetables, we gather in a small room and have tea, sing songs, do craft activities, and talk.  We love spending time with these precious people.  They also tell us that they look forward to having us every month.  At one location, there is a sweet old lady who loves to dance and sing.  Whenever we go there, she has the biggest smile and enjoys singing and dancing in front of us.  Thank you for remembering these people in your prayers.  Thanks to your continued prayers and financial support, we are able to go minister to them!

We always start with prayer.

Michael enjoyed playing with this boy!


We met them over a year ago and Luke loves them!

Giving fresh vegetables to people in the temporary housing.

We had a group of college students from Fukuoka that came to help with disaster relief. We sang many songs together in the gathering room. Love seeing these ladies smile!

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Oshika Town Tsunami

July 31, 2012

This video was made by our friends of Oshika Town.  The videos within were taken shortly after the 3-11 earthquake and just as the tsunami hit destroying their town.  There was a lot of rubble to clear away.  They have made great strides in cleaning up the town and have begun to rebuild in certain areas.  There is still a lot of work to be done.  This is one of the areas we often visit.  The people are very gracious and hard working.  Credit for this video goes to the good people of Oshika Town.


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Thank You FBCA Team

July 31, 2012

We have had a lot of teams come and go over the past year.  We are abundantly thankful for our home church in Texas sending such a wonderful group of ladies.  Not only did they minister to the kids but they ministered to us as well.  Luke often takes a moment to get to know people before warming up to them but he truly took the the team right away.  He was sad to see the team leave and so were we.

We are blessed to have served with Martha, Lindsey, and Kristen.  We pray you take what you learned and experience here and share it with others back home.  We will miss you but we pray we get to see you all very soon!  Thank you so much FBCA for sending them to us.

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July 30, 2012

July started a little different for the Towerys.  A great group of ladies from our sending church, First Baptist Church of Arlington, was sent to spend a week helping our ministry.  We were so enthusiastic to have these ladies come and spend time with us.

Martha, Lindsey, and Kristen were so full of energy.  They came ready to serve and had a can do attitude which was great because we kept them busy!  Teaching English is a great way to get to know people here in Japan.  Lots of people are eager to learn English.  And wouldn’t you know it?  All three of the team members are teachers.  Hurray!

Every Sunday night we teach English at Sendai Baptist Church.  They ladies did a great job teaching the adults how to order from an English menu.  Martha gave her testimony during the worship service and everyone loved talking with the three during the fellowship time.

We also got to share the ladies with our Wednesday night Kids English Class and Summer Party on Saturday.  The Saturday event was extra special because many of the parents attended.  It was a good chance for them to practice English and also hear a message from God’s Word.

Thank you so much to the three team members.  You have a huge heart for kids and the Lord!

English class at Sendai Baptist Church.










They used a menu from Jason’s Deli to teach how to order in English! Great idea!










Martha sharing her testimony.










Kids English class at our church.










All the kids enjoyed playing the game!










The kids learned to say “I am excited!”










The kids loved getting to know these sweet ladies!










They also helped with the youth English class. Thank you for making our class enjoyable!












Playing with water balloons!










Having so much fun!










Just like American children, Japanese children love watermelons!!!

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Texas Team Visits Ishinomaki

July 30, 2012

As you have read before we do a lot of work in Ishinomaki City and the surrounding areas.  One of the blessings of going to meet with people in the temporary housing units is that many times other places will hear about us and ask us to visit them.

We are so grateful that the Texas team was able to help with our ministry at one of our newest contacts.  The team brought a craft for everyone to make and then sang Texas songs. They even did a line dance which was a was a hit.

This particular unit has expressed their openness to Christianity.  We are thankful for this opportunity to serve and pray for many more.  The Texas team also helped with our English ministry.  We had a Texas theme with crafts, sketch drawings, bandanas, Texas songs, and a lot of laughs.

We can’t thank the BGCT and the team members enough for all they have done.  We pray you were blessed as much as you blessed us and the people of Japan!

Enjoy some of the photos!

We visited Oshika Preschool.









Each child received special gifts from Texas. A huge thank you to everyone who donated these gifts!









Love their smile!










Sang some fun songs in the gathering room at one of the temporary housings.









The residents sang with us!










Everyone enjoyed line dancing!










We delivered fresh vegetables to each family.










The leader of this temporary housing. She is so sweet and we love getting to know her and her husband.









So thankful for a blessed time of fellowship. We look forward to visiting them again!










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Texas Visits Iwate

July 20, 2012

The June typhoon was not all that headlined for us here in Sendai.  We were pleased to host a great group of Texans from the BGCT.  Twelve individuals from all over Texas came to help the people of Japan.  One of the areas we visited was Tono in Iwate Prefecture.  The BGCT has been in contact with the Japan Baptist Convention since the March 11th earthquake. The BGCT has supported the JBC with their disaster relief work in multiple ways.

One of the needs of the temporary housing units is a place to meet.  Although displaced, the housing units have become vital communities and having a place to meet in large area’s is crucial. We pray that the friendship between the convention and the warm heart people of Otsushi Town will continue.

The Texas team handed out hand crafted bags of gifts donated by the generous churches of Texas.  Iwate is not one of our usual areas of ministry due to its three hour drive.  But, we are in close contact with the church leaders in the area who are working with the temporary housing units.  They were so blessed by the Texas team.  It can be very lonely at times to be away from other churches.  We are glad the Texas team members met the Christian leaders in that area.

The team also got a chance to see one of the schools destroyed by the tsunami.  Yet to be demolished, the baseball diamond behind the school is still used today.

Thank you Texas for loving on the people of Iwate and we would ask that you remember to pray for the ministry of the church leaders as they minister to the people there.

Praying together in front of the destroyed school.










In front of the temporary housing where we delivered gifts from Texas.











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Volunteers from California

June 17, 2012

Last month, we hosted a team from California Baptist University. Our missionary friends, Tony and Marsha Woods, brought them to Sendai and we served with the team for a week. They were well-prepared, energetic, and had a BIG heart for those in the disaster areas. We were blessed and encouraged by them!

We took them to the west coast of Japan to have a fellowship with children at Sakata Mission Church.










It was like a field day and we played tons of fun games!










Using her chopstick skills!












Don, who teaches at DBU, came to visit us and he went to Sakata with us. He shared his testimony with all the children.  He also brought lots of Texas Rangers gifts for them!  The kids were super excited!!!  Many Japanese cheer for Rangers thanks to Yu Darvish!










Group photo!










Thankful for all the new friends!










We had lunch at Sakata Mission Church and Pastor Fujii shared his testimony.  It touched and encouraged us so much.  We finished our fellowship with prayers for this church and its community.










We invited everyone to our house for dinner.  Michael did a great job grilling!  We were happy to have our friend, Joey, whose parents are on our advocacy team!










Several young adults and students from the local churches joined us as well.  We all had fun getting to know each other.










Everyone was so sweet to Luke!










We loved having them all!










We took them to one of the preschools that was damaged by the tsunami.  Since they lost their building, they are using the community center right now.  The kids looked so happy to play with the college students.












Loved seeing their cute smile!












Of course, Luke was thrilled to be surrounded by the kids!










The CBU team and Don brought lots of gifts for people in the disaster areas.  Most of these kids lost everything in the tsunami and some lost their family members.  They looked so happy to receive such special gifts from America.




























One last group photo!










They helped us with our English class at our church.  The kids did a great job introducing themselves to the CBU students!




















On Saturday, we went to the temporary housings on Oshika Peninsula.  We had an opportunity to serve with the Japanese believers.  We delivered fresh vegetables to each temporary housing.










We had a chance to pray with this lady whose husband is in the hospital.










Our little missionary who opens so many doors for us!










We enjoyed singing with people in the temporary housing.










People in this temporary housing were so welcoming and sweet.










After spending a week with us, they served with the Samaritan’s Purse to rebuild houses in the disaster areas.  They all worked so hard and it was evident that the home owners were blessed by them.

Thank you, CBU team, for coming to serve with us!  Thank you for the ways you encouraged and helped us.   We will continue visiting people and children that you met here.  We pray that the seeds you planted here will grow in His timing!  We miss you guys!

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Thank you, FBCA!

May 15, 2012

We want to take this time to say THANK YOU to those who have donated children’s clothes for Japanese children.  If you are new to our blog, you may not know what we are talking about.  Our sending church, First Baptist Church Arlington, has sent many children’s clothes to us, and we delivered them to people in the temporary housings and churches.  A special thanks to Cheryl Turner and Linda Templin who sorted all the clothes and packed them!  Every time we received more boxes, we felt so much love from our church family!  We are sure that the people who received those clothes felt loved, too.

Here are some photos!




























We also sent several boxes to children in Fukushima.










These snacks were given to Luke but he wanted to share these with babies in Fukushima.  We sent these snacks along with all the clothes.  We pray these made other babies smile!











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Disaster Relief Update

May 15, 2012

Here is an update on our recent trip to the disaster area.  We went as a family and spent quality time with our friends in the temporary housings.

We took water bottles for adults and goodies for children.   We bought these gifts with the money that was donated for the Christmas Catalog that was made by our sending organization GCPN.  People donated for specific items that were listed by the missionaries in Africa and Japan.  We were blessed by many generous donors who purchased things for the Japanese people in the disaster areas.












This is a photo of Michael giving water bottles to each of the temporary housing units.   Visiting individual temporary housing units gives us a chance to meet the residents and to have conversations with them.  Many times, they invite us into their home!  They have a lot to share (many of them are lonely) and we spend lots of time listening to their stories.










Michael giving a box of water bottles to Miyuki.  We have become great friends and we always visit her when we go to this area.  This photo was taken in front of the house that is used as a dorm for the fishermen that work for her husband.  They own a fishing company and lost all ships except for one.   They ordered new ships right after the tsunami, but they haven’t received any.  They live in the temporary housing right now and would like to build a new house.  However, the town officials have told them that they would not be able to rebuild on the previous site.  Now they have to wait until the government finds land on higher ground.  Please pray that this process will go quickly so that people can start rebuilding their new homes.










This is a photo of a little boy whose mother left the family after the disaster.  They still don’t know where she is.   He was happy and smiling as usual, but we know he misses his mom.  Please continue to pray for him and his grandparents who take care of him.










Many of you have been praying for this sweet girl, Miyabi.  She lost her father and grandfather in the tsunami, and she recently lost another grandfather from cancer.   Needless to say, she has gone through more than we can imagine.  You may not know that she is hurting because she has the cutest smile and is so talkative, but when we visited her this time, I found her looking at Michael as he was holding Luke, and she looked sad.  We know she misses her dad so much and wants him back.  Her tender heart is still hurt from her loss.  There may not be much that we can do for her, but we will continue to pray for God’s comfort and we commit ourselves to do what we can to love on her and her mother.  We invited her and her mom to stay with us for a few days to spend some time with us, and they said YES! We can’t wait!  Please pray for Miyabi and also for her mom, Emi.  I gave her one of my favorite books by Ayako Miura (Japanese Christian author) and she loved the book.   She is learning more about Him!












You may have heard or seen on the news that Japan has done a great job cleaning and rebuilding in the disaster areas, and that’s true in some ways.  However, if you drive around, you see these…


































There is a LONG way to go.   That’s why we still need your prayer and support!  Thank you for remembering Japan and its people.

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Blessed by the Hawaii Team!

May 4, 2012

Last December, we stopped in Hawaii on our way from the mainland to speak at the church that sent a mission team to Japan last year.  During our stay, we were invited to meet people from another church who were interested in coming to Japan as volunteers.  When we met them, we could tell that they all had a huge heart for Japan and Japanese people.  We shared about our ministries and needs of people in the disaster areas.  We kept in touch, and they decided to come to Japan!

It was such a blessing to serve with them the last two weeks.  They did such a great job with the preparations and we were all amazed by all the things they brought for people in this area.  More than anything, we were so blessed by their willingness to serve God and His people.

Here are some highlights of our time with them:

Visiting Sendai Kita Baptist Church.










Barbeque Fellowship at Yoshioka Mission Church.










Distributing flyers for our event at one of the temporary housings.












Visiting one of the kindergartens in the disaster area.  Out of 220 students, more than 140 of them were affected by the tsunami.










They sang some English, Hawaiian, and Japanese songs.










Giving a gift from Hawaii to all students and teachers.  Hawaiians are SO generous!










Luke was a big helper!










They were so happy!










First temporary housing we visited.










Doing craft activities.  These girls were precious!










At the second temporary housing we visited in Oshika Peninsula.










They loved spam musubi (Hawaiian food)!










Look at these beautiful leis they made.










We delivered fresh fruit to people in the temporary housings.










We worked with these wonderful missionaries.  We have learned so much from them!










The perfect time to see cherry blossoms!










Lynne’s beautiful hula at the third temporary housing we visited.










They enjoyed hula dance.










Guys talking to people outside while ladies led the craft activities.










These ladies seemed to have a great time making all kinds of stuff!










Fellowship with the community choir (non believers) at our church.










The next few photos are from the Hawaiian Festival.   We decided to host a fun event for the kids (and their families) in the community.  Even though our area did not get much damage from the earthquake, many kids went through a difficult time due to continuous aftershocks and radiation threat.  All the kids seemed to have an awesome time!

In the beginning of this event, the kids in our English class did a presentation in front of their parents.  They did a great job and we are so proud of them!










Everyone enjoyed their songs!










Hula time!










Frog race!










Fishing game!  We were happy that Luke caught some American snacks!
























All the cool prizes.












Enjoying Hawaiian food such as teri burgers and spam musubi.   The Hawaii team brought SO MANY cookies and other homemade desserts.  Of course, they were a great hit!










Group photo after the worship service on Sunday.










Church-wide picnic after the morning service.  We all enjoyed singing together.  We are ready for Luke to learn how to play the Ukulele!!!










Luke had fun playing with all the girls!










Last night in Miyagi.  We had a delicious meal and shared about our experiences.  We were touched by their stories and desire to continue being involved.










This photo of Masa and Luke makes us smile!  We are SO thankful that everyone loved on Luke the entire time.  It gave us some break from holding/chasing him!  Luke was thrilled that he got lots of attention.  He is blessed to have many Hawaiian grandpas and grandmas!












Last group photo.  We were so sad to see them leave.  We thank God for such a great team!











As you can see, they did SO MUCH!  They touched and changed countless lives.  We have already heard lots of positive responses from the people they had met.  Many of them asked when the Hawaii team would come back!  We look forward to hosting more teams.  Not only the Hawaii team encouraged many people in the disaster area, but they also blessed us! Hawaii has become a very special place for us.  They invited us to their churches in Hawaii and we hope to visit them soon!

A big thank you to all the team members for sharing God’s love in so many amazing ways!  We miss you!

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One Year and Counting…

March 18, 2012

Last weekend marked the one year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 earthquake.  Many of you have seen our tribute video.  Thank you for your emails of encouragement and support.  It was a long year but your prayers made our work a lot easier.  Last Saturday we made a trip to the temporary housings to hand out food.  This time we gave a small bouquet of flowers with a word of encouragement attached.










Like all the other times we have visited, everyone was so kind and thankful.  But this time there was a lot of emotion.  Some of the people just smiled and said thank you. However many just bowed in thanks and had tears running down their face.  An outward display of emotion is hardly ever seen here.  Understandably this was hard for many.

I would like to share about one of the young boys we met during one of our visits.  He is two years old and living with his grandparents.  His father works full time so is not around during the day.  After the earthquake the family fled from the tsunami together but a few days later his mother fled never to be heard or seen since.  The boy’s father has made attempts to contact her family but they deny she has ever contacted them.  It’s been especially hard on the child.  He misses his mother but is hurt even more by the fact that his mom abandoned him.  Luke got to play with him during our visit.  He was such a sweet boy and had a lot of joy in his heart.  Please remember to pray for him and his family.  Also, pray for his mother to return.










Most importantly please pray that people we have been ministering to will continue to heal and learn about the God we serve.

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Helping Hands

March 18, 2012

The past year has brought a lot of people into our lives.  We were surrounded by many Christians who took great care of us in South Korea.  We were also blessed by those who came to Japan to help with the cleaning, rebuilding, and rehabilitation of this country.  We are truly thankful for each and every person that God has placed along our path during this long and often difficult process.  One particular courageous soul is Naomi who helped us last weekend.  Naomi lives in Hawaii whose grandparents were originally from Japan. We first met her last December when we were in Hawaii to share with Olivet Baptist Church about our work.  Prior to this trip, she had taken several trips to Japan to learn the culture and get to know people here.  This trip was very special for her because this was her first time to help with the disaster relief work in the tsunami-hit areas.

Saturday morning we set out to Oshika Peninsula to visit about 80 temporary housing units that would be receiving food, flowers, and time with us and church members from Sendai.  Naomi had been planing on this trip for a few months.  She prepared gifts for every household and homemade cookies.  We had a great time sharing with each other about our lives as we made the two hour trip to the peninsula.

Thank you for coming all the way to Sendai to love and encourage those in need.  We enjoyed our time together!










We hope many of you will pray about coming to Japan.  There are many ways to serve- visiting the temporary housings to meet people, delivering food, playing with children, teaching English, encouraging Japanese Christians, sharing your testimonies, and spending time with us! We love having guests!  Even though we love this country and people, we do get homesick and miss our family and friends in the US.  So having our friends here means so much to us.  Thank you in advance for praying about coming here in the future.  We understand some of you may not be able to come physically.  There are other ways to help with the ministries here.  Just contact us and we will find a way for you to be involved.  We LOVE getting e-mails, letters, phone calls, and packages!!!

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March 11, 2011 Memorial

March 9, 2012

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. The event began with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in which most of the the buildings and homes survived.  They were made for such events.  The following tsunami however was certainly not anticipated nor forgiving.  This video is a tribute to the people in the disaster areas and the continuing work to rebuild physically and emotionally.  We hope you know how much they appreciate your prayers and support.  Please continue to pray for the victims’ families and for the Christians who are working with them.  We send a huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who has supported us the past year and has unceasingly prayed.  You have encouraged us so much.  We are so thankful for the friendships built over the past year and pray more to understand and walk the “Jesus Way”.

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